The Parachute Community

We started Parachute to create a community of awesome friends. Together, we're exploring crypto and blockchain while having a fun time doing it. As we've grown, our awesome community has built some pretty cool stuff. If you're new to Parachute, hundreds of us hang out and chat on our Telegram. Try it out. Explore some of the fun stuff below and enjoy! 

As our community has grown, we've realized that a lot of Parachuters are also highly skilled freelancers. In our marketplace, we let crypto companies find freelancers who know and breathe the industry. It's a huge win for both our freelancers and the companies looking for help.

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Parachute Play

Some of our members are serious game makers. Our first game, Parena, is a Dapp that lets people sign up for free PAR giveaways by winnning an automated battle in the style of a classic dice roll game. Tournaments are held almost daily on our Telegram. 

Created by @theshobo

Prizes: 50k-250 PAR

Uses: PAR

Parachute Learn

We're all good at different things. In building the community, we've seen that  people can learn from each other. That's why we're hosting live video chats where community members can connect, share, teach, and learn about fun stuff in crypto.

Parachute Give

Do good - Be awesome. It's something we've learned from our awesome community members like Clint at FliCharity. Together with our Partners, we work to raise awareness and funds for this and other charities - all made possible by  Parachuters working together.

Parachute Connect

Since Parachuters come from all over, we created a map where our crew can add themselves. Starting this summer, we'll be sending for Parachuters crew kits to spread Parachute in the communities and college campuses. Hop on and add your pin.

PARContract Address: 0x1beef31946fbbb40b877a72e4ae04a8d1a5cee06