Parachuters Being Awesome

Do good, be awesome. As Parachute has grown, we've seen a lot of incredible things from our community members. Here, we'll be featuring charities run by Parachuters, along with the good works started by the Parachute Crew. We'll be putting up a PAR match on anything donated. Cheers!

Habitat for Humanity

A few good Parachuters wanted to get involved with a national outreach to help build homes for those in need. Parachute has sponsored lunches for Habitat for Humanity crews and will continue doing so through 2020.  If you want to get in one of our upcoming build days, or set up one of your own we can help! 


Started by one of our earliest members, this charity is working to give people access to assistive living tools and technologies.






Together, Parachute has raised over 1.5 M PAR for Flicharity

If you have any questions or want to chat with Clint or other Parachuters about the charity, hop on our telegram :)