Play Games, Win Tokens

Part of what we love about Parachute is setting up games with the community. Here, you'll find our early Daap games, tournaments, and treasure hunts - made by community members - that let us relax, hang out with other parachuters, and win Tokens from us and our partners. Enjoy!

Created by @theshobo

Parena (Battle Royal)

Prizes: 50k-250 PAR

Uses: PAR

Created by @icanttellyou

The Purple Puzzle of Doom

Prizes: 250k PAR & ??? PPC

Starts: 5/2/18

Where's Captain?

On the last day of Consensus 2018 Captain Parachute will have a Magic Ticket with 1,000,000 PAR. If you find Captain, and ask him "Who is the fairest Parachuter of them all?" He'll give it to you.

If you have any questions or want to chat with other Parachuters about the games, hop on our telegram :)