A community for people who love cryptocurrency

Learn about cryptocurrency, meet new people, and earn tokens for supporting awesome new blockchain startups.

Parachute is connecting blockchain projects to everyday people

Great new projects need awesome communities. We connect thousands of "Parachuters" to our select partner projects to build the first base of supporters. We use engagement-based rewards and games to pull people in and let them have fun while meeting new people and building awesome communities.

Community Building

Discover new crypto projects on Parachute 

Build their social media communties

Get free tokens for being involved and having fun

Parachute is building the first network for people who love cryptocurrency

We're all good at different things. In building the community, we've seen that there's a lot that people can learn from each other. Our community pages are filled with games, charities, and events started by the amazing Parachute community. 

Freelancer Marketplace

We're helping our skilled members freelance with blockchain companies.

As our community has grown, we've realized that a lot of Parachuters are also highly skilled freelancers. In our marketplace, we let crypto companies find freelancers who know and breath the industry. It's a huge win for both our freelancers and the companies looking for help.

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The Parachute Roadmap

We're cruising through our early stages. As we grow, we're pushing to build the community, bring on new partners, and build out awesome new products.