Parachute Mining

This is where Parachuters learn about mining cryptocurrency together. Here, we show our partner projects that are mineable. We don't airdrop tokens for these projects, but we do let Parachuters mine together + get rewards for building community and being engaged with our partners. If your new to mining, hop on our telegram to ask, or see when our next mining class is! 

To get rewards from Parachute, you must SIGN UP with us. Click here if you haven't.

Friendly digital currency (mineable)

Get rewards

There are two ways to get rewards. 

1. PAR will be given out for SUPER TROOPERS who sign up,  say "here from Parachute" and are highly engaged on the Merit Telegram. 

2. MRT will be mined by Parachuters who join the Parachute mining pool. 

Getting Started Mining

2. Add your details to our Miner spreadsheet to get added! 

3. Join the Parachute Mining Telegram chat HERE.

Parachute will manually approve all miners. After starting your wallet, visit the Miner chat to activate your wallet

10m PAR

in rewards for engaged Parachuters over 3 months

??? MRT

In Growth Mined MRT to the Parachute mining pool


This is your private KEY and the only way you can access your wallet! Take a picture, write it down. DO IT! :) 

Also :)

This is NOT an airdrop. This is a mining projects and community building for our partners.


You can get (a lot) of PAR for being super engaged on Merits telegram as we support the project for the next 3 months. You will not get PAR just for joining. 



 For a lot of us, this will be our first time mining. Mining can be done from a regular computer. You will be mining with a "pool" of other Parachuters. This makes it a lot easier to get started and have fun. We will host weekly webinars to help bring on new users.

Parachute will approve signups with a priority for Parachuters who want to learn about mining and mine with other Parachuters.